Talented, dynamic, energetic, experienced, people are our greatest asset.

Who we are

We are an energetic, talented team of highly creative, senior level professionals with decades of combined experience in developing innovative design and marketing tools across a broad range of industries and media. Our team is responsive, efficient and flexible, and itís one of the best creative teams in the country. With our principals personally involved in every project, we have also built a partner network of outstanding consultants, who compliment our core competencies and share our business philosophy and collaborative work environment.

R. Joseph D' Kennedy


Kennedy is the lead creative force at BB and one of its founding partners. He is responsible for inspiring, directing and motivating the creative teams to develop poweful design solutions. Among his colleagues, he has a reputation for striving for excellence and imagination.

Fr. Ernest Rosario

Multimedia - Head

Ernest (Director, Don Bosco SIHARAM, TV Malai) is a respected leader in creating strong, effective branding and design programs. His background as a Roman Catholic Priest with specialization in Multimedia infuses his strategic and client management approach for companies like HCL, Generali. Ernest is well known for his straightforward, inspiring presentations on brands, designs and innovation.

Abraham Moses

IT - Head

Abraham Moses is responsible for directing the IT practice at BB. He oversees the IT process with a management style that stresses close client contact and attention to detail. His extensive work on six continents has given him a unique perspective on global trends with the practical knowledge of how to adapt and respond to local market conditions.

Non - Executive Directors

Dr. Joe Arun, SJ


A Post Graduate in Anthropology with a Ph.D from Oxford University UK. An enterprising Jesuit who has a passsion for studying human behaviour and shaping it for empowerment. He has a competence in developing people and enhancing enterprises.

Our Strenghts

- Understanding of the various communication mediums.
- Holistic Approach towards project execution.
- Sound Project Management.
- Proactive Issue Tracking and Resolution.
- Importance to Usability.
- Constant Communication.
- Continuous focus on objectives.
- Ability to deliver an end-to-end solution.