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Case Study: The Loyola Campaign


The Loyola Campaign - Building a Future

Loyola wanted to build its future in a world of unprecedented competition. We believe the challenge is great and hard but not impossible to overcome. No institution can exist and excels for 88 years unless it is skilled at adapting. Constantly, an institution must innovate in its plan, method and praxis. Loyola plans to face any kind of change that may occur in the field of education in the 21st century.

For such adaptation and innovation we need the right resources - financial and human with effective support system and mechanism. Such resources must be available for innovative ways of teaching, learning and evaluation. The resources must help recruit competent faculty and deploy quality services. Never before we realize, has Loyola’s future been so dependent on the success of a campaign for funds for buildings its human resources, infrastructure and institute scholarships and fellowships.

Loyola College, Chennai, invited Bluebugs to be part of this ambitious and deeply rewarding endeavor which promises so much for not only Loyola, but also for the society at large.